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NoTeB - Nordic Test Beds

  • Published 23/02/2016
The NoTeB project wants to create a health product and service testing collaboration between companies, research institutes and health care professionals in Nordic health living labs connected to hospitals.

P 14074 - NoTeB - Nordic Test Beds


From 01/10/2015
To 31/12/2017

There is a need to strengthen the Nordic level strategic and operational level cooperation in the health care field. The Nordic health care systems vary in their service production and operational procedures from country to country, and also the test beds operate with different methods and practices.  Moreover, the companies and developers of health and welfare solutions within the Nordic region have indicated that they do not have a sufficient understanding of the needs of the public sector healthcare actors. NoTeB addresses these challenges by joining experiences and know-how of Nordic university hospitals and innovation centres in order to create efficient Nordic test bed cooperation ecosystem and common best practices. The project will run 15 concrete health care product/service idea test cases.


The project will benefit care providers by improving the implementation of their ideas and providing access to shared Nordic tools and guidelines. For Nordic companies, the project offers opportunities to test new innovative products and prototypes in realistic hospital environment, also outside their country of origin. This will speed up development times, decrease development costs and enhance the quality of the products.


Visit the project website.




  • Increase the number of companies utilising test beds.
  • A reduction in the processing time and cost of each client utilising the services.
  • Promote Nordic test beds regionally and internationally



Planned activities

  • Develop infrastructure for collaboration.
  • Secure a sustainable business model.
  • Establish common clinical and administrative procedures.
  • Branding, marketing and dissemination.



Project partners:



Centre for Health and Technology at University of Oulu (project lead), OuluHealth Labs at Oulu University Hospital, BusinessOulu


Innovation Skåne, Innovation Akademiska at Uppsala University Hospital


Aalborg University Hospital


Oslo University Hospital 



Project map

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