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Nordic Connected Health Star Track

  • Published 04/01/2016
  • Last updated 23/02/2016
Helping connected health startups succeed by providing expertise and testing.

P 14082 - Nordic Connected Health Star Track


From 01/01/2015
To 31/12/2017

The Nordics have a variety of internationally recognised assets, providing a trustworthy platform for Nordic startups entering the global market. We have a high quality health care system, leading research in for instance diabetes, Parkinson, cancer diagnostics, maternal care and COPD, as well as a population skilled and open to IT and mobile solutions.


This makes the region well equipped to take international lead within connected health solutions, which is what the Nordic m-health/e-health project aims to do – creating at least ten thousand new high growth jobs in the process. This will be accomplished by building a critical mass of high potential startups, engaging the mobile industry and other key actors and providing support to overcome critical hurdles. Connected health is a new field and in many regards a regulatory “grey” area. The project will assist the startups with expertise on regulatory navigation, fast testing and interoperability – areas critical for success within connected health.


By gathering high-potential entrepreneurs, innovators and startups and connect them with larger companies and health care providers and professionals, they are enabled to benefit from each other in developing new competitive businesses and providing better health and health care solutions.




  • Improved tempo for high potential startups to market and growth through expert support on regulatory, interoperability and testing
  • Shared vision and synergies from cooperation


Planned activities:


  • Navigation expertise for startups in the regulatory grey zone between traditional consumer electronics and pharma/medtech
  • Expertise to startups on interoperability
  • Development of fast, low cost testing process
  • Partner team and strategy development and communication



Project partners:



Innovation Skåne (SE) (project lead), Sahlgrenska Science Park, SmiLe Incubator 


Oslo Medtech 




Cobis, Delta



Project map

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