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Key purchasing factors

  • Published 25/08/2014
The Key purchasing factor tool helps you understand what criteria your customers use when evaluating your product and when making a purchasing decision.

Here you will identify and understand what actually makes your customers engage with your products. How price-sensible are they? To what degree is convenience important? Are nutrition or quality important factors influencing your customers’ purchasing choices? Listen to your partner. It is very possible that factors differ considerably from your home markets.


  • With your local partner, list the criteria that your customers typically consider when purchasing your type of product.
  • Together, rank the importance or significance of a given factor.
  • Fill out one sheet per segment or compare segments by using different colors or symbols on one sheet. This enables you to benchmark them against each other and discuss differences and where your product matches criteria best.







"European companies need to show the product/technology in a way that the Egyptian partner understands. Training in how to sell that specific product is needed with a focus on quality and life-time cost"
Egyptian distributor