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Nordic Marine Innovation Programme 2.0

  • Published 23/04/2015
Nordic Marine Innovation Programme 2.0 was initiated to promote cross-sectorial innovations. The programme period is from 2015 to 2017.


The Programme builds on the Nordic Marine Innovation Programme which was the first of its kind to bring the marine industry together within the Nordic region. The Programme was launched in 2011 to meet challenges regarding sustainability and future competences and to improve the general perception of the sector. The call for proposals resulted in 14 different projects with over 100 participants involved in solutions for recruitment, increased sustainability and image building.


To follow the increasing interest from the sector, Nordic Innovation, in cooperation with national and Nordic partner organizations launched a call for proposal in the autumn 2014, which resulted eight projects funded under the Nordic Marine Innovation Programme 2.0.



The aim of the 2.0 Programme is to utilize the full potential in the Nordic marine sector through innovative solutions that can increase business opportunities, sustainability and profitability.


Suppliers of technology, knowledge and services within the marine industry were the primary target group.  


The projects

The total budget of the projects funded by Nordic Innovation, national and Nordic funding organisations amounted to MNOK 62.9. Over 50 participants with a multidisciplinary approach from the Nordic region and Japan are a part of the programme.


The project consortia will develop technological innovations and knowledge that will contribute to a more efficient and sustainable use of biomass from fisheries, algae, aquaculture and other bio-resources.


Here you can find further details about the projects.

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The total budget for the programme is MNOK 62.9. Nordic Innovation contributed with MNOK 23.8.




  • Innovation Norway: MNOK 4.8.
  • Rannis - The Icelandic Centre for Research: MNOK 1.5.
  • Nordic Working Group for Fisheries Co-operation: MNOK 1.2.


Other members of the Nordic Marine Innovation Programme 2.0 funding consortium are:


  • Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, Denmark
  • Ministry of Fisheries, Faroe Islands
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Finland
  • Ministry of Industries and Innovation, Iceland
  • Swedish Board of Agriculture
  • Nordic Atlantic Co-operation 

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