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Innovation in the Health Sector through Public Procurement and Regulation

  • Published 09/07/2012
  • Last updated 24/10/2012
How can the Nordic health sector become an even more innovative and demanding procurer? The aim of this program is to improve innovation procurement in the health sector through extended exchange of knowledge and cross-border cooperation.

Innovation in the Health Sector through Public Procurement and Regulation


From 01/01/2011
To 31/12/2015




The public sector is by far the largest buyer and consumer of health care products and services in the Nordic region. This creates a major opportunity for demanding new and innovative products and services from the private sector.


But public organisations are not conscious enough of the potential in using procurement and innovation on a strategic level. Cooperation and exchange of knowledge between public procurers is limited, and there is a need for improved dialogue between procurers and suppliers.


The aim of the Nordic program Innovation in the Health Sector through Public Procurement and Regulation is to make a change: To create better public health services through competence building and collaboration, and to develop the supplier industry through closer contact with the public buyers.


By contributing to the development of better public health services as well as the supplier industry through closer contact with public buyers, the goal is to make the Nordic region a global frontrunner in the field of innovation procurement in the health sector.


The program is one of the six so called lighthouse projects that the Nordic Ministers of Trade and Industry agreed on for the Nordic cooperation program for innovation and industry policy 2011-2013. Ministry of Trade and Industry in Norway is the owner of the program Innovation in the Health Sector through Public Procurement and Regulation.





Click to read an article about the financed projects.


In October 2012, Nordic Innovation together with its partners Tekes, Vinnova, the Danish Business Authority, Innovation Norway and Rannis launched the call The Nordic region as frontrunner in innovation procurement.


We are pleased to announce that the NOK 10 million has been divided between the following projects:



Nordic Public-Private Innovation Net

The main goal is to create the foundation for future innovative procurement projects within the Nordic region. This will be done by establishing a platform with an overview of best practice experiences on how to complete innovative procurement, creation of a Nordic network, connecting procurers and suppliers for innovative procurement and by developing an overview of tools for carrying out innovative procurement in the health care sector.

Gathering best practice experiences and developing networks and guidelines will be key activities in the project. Finally, the project will do comprehensive dissemination activities, reaching all relevant actors.




Denmark: Region Syd-Danmark (project manager) Health Innovation Zealand, Welfare Tech. 

Norway: Helse Sør-Øst RHF, Oslo Medtech, NHO (Confederation of Industries).

Finland: Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS), HYKSin Ltd.

Sweden: County of Värmland, Region Skåne.


Click to watch a presentation of the project on YouTube.




Value based procurements in primary and social care (VABPRO)

The project focuses on primary care (GP-practice and health centre operations) and social care (elderly care services and services for the physically and mentally disabled).


It will develop a value based procurement model and contribute to a system shift from price-driven procurement to a value based and holistic approach where factors such as patient experience and prevention are integrated.


In a procurement-perspective, the municipalities procure health services or reimburse health costs. A change in the way these services are procured, can lead to win-win-win, where society (tax money), patients and suppliers all can bring their knowledge to the table (co-creation) and also benefit from the better results.


The project will cooperate with the INHP-project.




Finland: Nordic Healthcare Group (project manager), City of Jyväskylä, Forum Virium Helsinki, City of Espoo.

Sweden: City of Landskrona, Norrbottens Läns Landsting.

Denmark: Copenhagen Living Lab.

Click to watch a presentation of the project on YouTube.




Integrated training program and demand dialog network for Innovative Nordic Health care Procurement (INHP)

The project will develop a training programme in innovative procurement within health in close cooperation with academics at universities in the Nordic region. It will also contain networks between procurers and dialogue between procurers and suppliers. Competence is key when it comes to innovation procurement, and the project is addressing this challenge.


The project will cooperate with the VABPRO-project.



Denmark: Copenhagen Living Lab (project manager), Aalborg Universitet, Aalborg kommune, Kolding kommune, Vejle kommune, Brainsbusiness/ICT North Denmark (part of Aalborg kommune), Nohr-Con

Sweden: The Swedish Environmental Management Council, Lund University, Halmstad University, Falkenberg Municipality

Norway: Helse Vest, LFH (Trade Association for Health- and Welfare Technology)

Finland:  City of Vantaa, Laurea University of Applied Sciences

Iceland:  University of Iceland


Click to watch a presentation of the project on YouTube.






Nordic region:

Nordic Innovation






Danish Business Authority



Innovation Norway










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Lighthouse Project

In October 2010, the Nordic Trade and Industry Ministers agreed on a new industrial and innovation policy cooperation program focusing on green growth. Six lighthouse projects were launched for the period 2011-2013, and Public Procurement and Innovation within the Health Sector is one of these. Nordic Innovation is contributing to the realization of the project together with the Nordic countries.