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Partner monitoring and assessment

  • Published 25/08/2014
How do you ensure that you have the best partner on the selected market? The Partner monitoring and assessment tool helps you create the foundation for an annual evaluation of your local partner.

Monitoring and evaluating your local partners is key to ensuring that market performance is good enough—and that relevant actions are taken if this is not the case.


The Partner evaluation and assessment tool evaluates your partner’s performance against market attractiveness. The idea is to give your company a qualified foundation for discussing whether it is allocating its resources appropriately and whether the chosen entry mode is correct.


The Partner evaluation and assessment tool visualizes development in your partner’s market position annually for internal assessment. Furthermore, using the tool lets you have a dialogue, focusing on your partner’s development curve and how you can support it.


  • Monitor, assess, and evaluate your local partner based on (1) partner performance and (2) market attractiveness.
  • Use the Partner evaluation and assessment tool to have a focused dialogue with your partner regarding the past year’s performance and setting new goals for the coming year.
  • Discuss internally if you are satisfied with the entry mode and performance in each market. Discuss what it will take to grow in the market. 







"In Nigeria it is important to have a patient mindset. Poor infrastructure can sometimes make things take a long time. But this is also the cultural excuse for deadlines running late, so showing too much patience can be considered a sign of weakness"

Akin Sawyer, Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission