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Partnership development

  • Published 25/08/2014
From plan to sales: Next step is to agree on who does what, when and how. The Partnership development tools help you develop an operational plan with milestones and targets.



"Sometimes the small things stand in the way of good collaboration. The communication channels are very unclear between me and my partner. I don’t know who in the organization to contact when I have a good business lead"
Egyptian distributor




It might look nice to be represented by a broad partner network across the world, but if many local partners are not performing well energy might be spent better by focusing on working closely with fewer partners and really penetrating their markets. The partner evaluation tool gives you a vantage point for discussing partner performance every year and considering the best strategy forward.  If partners are not performing and you deem the market potential to be high the previous tools can also be used to try to evaluate the market position with your partner.