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Partner profile

  • Published 25/08/2014
Selecting the right partner (agent, distributor, importer, dealer) in a new market is crucial for your company’s success. Preparing a clear partner profile can help you in this process.

Based on how you anticipate sharing the partner roles and responsibilities, you can develop a partner profile to clarify your company’s exact demands regarding new partners, some of which will be general, whereas others will be more specific. Through the Partner profile tool, narrow down these demands and rate the importance of each.


The general demands will typically include topics such as sector and industry knowledge; size of the organization; complementarities of product portfolios; and language skills (a shared work language). To avoid making the list too comprehensive, list only absolutely necessary demands. Please refer to the Excel file for a suggested gross list of general demands.


The market-specific criteria vary from country to country, but examples include personal contacts; ability to provide financing locally; the size of the partner’s sales staff compared to the size of the country; and others.


  • Define clear requirements for a future partner and prioritize the requirements by degree of importance (1–3)
  • Spend sufficient time discussing the criteria based on your experience with previous partners and expectations for the market