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Partner match

  • Published 15/08/2014
  • Last updated 18/08/2014
Selecting the right partner in a new market is crucial for your company’s success. The Partner match tool helps you clarify your needs, search for a partner, and evaluate the best fit.



"Large distributors are not necessarily a good choice if you are an SME entering India. Your bargaining power is low and you will not always get the attention needed. Also consider your product match carefully. Sometimes a local dealer will include a premium product as a profile product, but in reality focus on selling cheaper versions"

Kunal Singla, DI India     




This part of the toolbox is relevant when you have selected your target market and are in the process of screening for a new potential distributor.


Many partners are found at trade shows or other events. Sometimes, it’s a lucky match, but, other times, choosing the first partner available leads to halfhearted market entries and unfruitful partnerships. Regardless of where you have met your potential partner(s), time spent in the beginning to ensure the right match is often saved in the long run if unsuccessful partnerships can be avoided. The tool recommends focusing on fewer partners to make them truly successful.


It seems obvious, but successful partnerships require you to see and treat your distributor as a real partner. The partnership must benefit both parties, and your partner should genuinely understand your value and the possibilities this association represents from a long-term perspective. You must have a clear idea of the qualifications your partner should possess and how you jointly can make use of each other’s strengths.


The tools presented can help you assess whether the candidates you have found are good matches for your company and can assist you in developing successful partnerships.