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Competitor mapping

  • Published 25/08/2014
This tool can clarify how your competitors position themselves in the market. It will give you important knowledge of the competitive landscape and how you should position your products and solutions.

In this tool, you and your partner list possible competitors or substituting products and how they position themselves in the market. This will enable you to understand what your product is up against and how it can be efficiently positioned.


  • In collaboration with your partner, identify competitors for a given segment. Sometimes the customer will benchmark a product against their traditional alternative—for example, not using technology for diagnostics in a hospital. Make sure to also include competing solutions.
  • For each competitor, discuss their value proposition, price level, and approximate market share.
  • Often, your partner will not have complete information. Explain that the idea is for you to get an overall feeling for the competitive landscape, not necessarily the exact details.







"The Mexican market is dominated by large American Corporations, and well established distributors. About 40 percent of the market is informal, but is becoming more accessible. The informal market should be seen both for its potential, but also as a competitor"

 Sergio Rivas, DI Mexico