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MMI Final Conference

  • Publisert 26.10.2012
For 2 years 100 Nordic companies have put innovation management high on the agenda. After following them through this period, Nordic Innovation has gained interesting insights to share. Come and join us for the final stage of this journey, where we will present key findings from MMI.

MMI Final Conference


Fra 04.12.2012
Til 04.12.2012


Moderna Museet, Stockholm

Innovation is more than product development; it is about creating new value. In order to survive and remain competitive, companies must constantly differentiate and innovate to generate new value. This is essential for growth and profitability in all business sectors.


By regarding innovation as only a research and product development related issue, you could out on great business opportunities. One of the goals with the MMI-programme has been to help Nordic companies focus their innovations efforts and increase the understanding and importance of innovation management. Through the six participating companies innovation stories we will see whether we have succeeded.


The report from the programme are now available for download.


Watch the presentations and interviews with the speakers at YouTube:

Watch and download the presentations from Slideshare:



The presentation "Diving into Nordic Company Culture" by Christian Ehlers Mikkelsen, Strategic Innovation are available on Prezi.

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The Measured and Managed Innovation Programme (MMI)

MMI introduces a strategic approach to innovation management. Helping Nordic companies measure and focus their innovation efforts, increase their return on innovation and become more competitive.

The programme is developed by Nordic Innovation, in cooperation with the national innovation agencies in the Nordic region: Tekes, Vinnova, Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority, Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation, Trade Council Denmark, Innovation Center Iceland (IMPRA), Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Research Council. The programme is carried out during the period of 2010 – 2012, with participation from 100 Nordic companies.