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Use of Intellectual Property Rights in Service Companies

  • Publisert 02.03.2006
  • Sist oppdatert 09.06.2011

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A new survey conducted by the Nordic consultancy company ECON Analysis reveals that large Nordic enterprises in the service sector fail to recognize IPR as a natural part of their strategic management. That can be a problem in a globalized world, where also service enterprises must compete on innovation and new ideas.

In cooperation with the Nordic patent authorities and the Nordic Innovation Centre, ECON Analysis have studied the knowledge of the IPR field among the Nordic service companies, the companies’ use of formal and informal protection instruments, their competences and the obstacles by which the companies are met. 

344 Nordic service enterprises participated in the questionnaire survey. The result shows that six percent of the enterprises have a written IPR strategy and only four percent plans to formulate a strategy in the near future. The absence of a strategic focus on IPR interacts with a general low awareness and knowledge about IPR in service enterprises.

This raises the challenge, how can an IPR culture become strengthened in the Nordic service enterprises? A possible response to this can be to highlight the economic value of strategic IPR management. In this context, the analysis identifies factors which contribute positively to enterprises’ ability to obtain IPR.

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