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The cluster benchmarking project - Benchmarking clusters in the knowledge based economy

  • Publisert 03.03.2007
  • Sist oppdatert 09.06.2011

Frontpage report

This pilot project report outlines how clusters can be benchmarked in the knowledge based economy. 

The aim of the Cluster Benchmarking Project is to develop aninternationally standardised tool for analyzing cluster performance and cluster-specific policies across countries and regions.

The tool serves three overall goals:

  1. To identify international, national, and regional clusters
  2. To benchmark cluster performance across countries and regions
  3. To identify successful cluster policies and to enable systematic peer reviews of cluster specific framework conditions

Results & conclusions
Four methodologies for mapping have been examined in detail, as well as current projects of analysing and benchmarking clusters. The cluster benchmarking model is outlined and data considerations are presented for outcome data, performance data and framework condition data. Furthermore first steps are taken in developing a research design to gather these data. Steps which will be followed up within and outside the BSR INNO-net project.


Project duration: 02.2006 - 11.2006