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Sustainable Innovation in the Nordic Marine Sector

  • Publisert 13.02.2012
SUMMARY REPORT: This is the executive summary of the report Sustainable innovation in the Nordic marine sector, which has been developed by SIGLA on behalf of Nordic Innovation.

In 2050 the world will have three billion more middle class consumers and population will have grown from seven to nine billion people. Access to fish is essential in order to feed this population. Sustainable innovation in the food sector, which can improve access to protein in an environmentally sustainable way, is therefore of primary importance.


This study assesses the question “why and how do selected companies in the Nordic marine sector succeed in integrating sustainability in their innovation processes and business model?”. Our findings may help Nordic Innovation and other innovation agencies foster supportive frameworks for sustainable innovation and green growth in the Nordic region. The findings also provide companies in the Nordic marine sector with ideas on how they can promote sustainable innovation within their own operations.