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Storytelling and Destination Development

  • Publisert 21.03.2011
In each Nordic country, stories exist on which a storytelling approach to destination development and marketing can be based.

Front cover of the reportThe objective of this study is to scrutinize the possibilities and drawbacks of using storytelling as a means of developing and marketing Nordic tourism destinations. On the basis of five selected Nordic cases, the study sheds light both on the ways in which storytelling is practiced and how stakeholder cooperation unfolds and seeks to determine the prerequisites for using storytelling as part of a destination development strategy.

The study has achieved this objective by:

  • Producing five Nordic case analyses on specific storytelling destination based on qualitative research methods.
  • Developing a theoretical model which establishes an understanding of destinations as laced with stories and how stories can form constituent parts of destination marketing
  • and development.
  • Giving a critical view on possibilities and drawbacks of storytelling in destination development with particular focus on storytelling practices and stakeholder cooperation.
  • Learning from experience across Nordic destinations through comparative analysis.
  • Working in close cooperation.