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Short Guide to Green Business Model Innovation

  • Publisert 31.10.2012
This guide consists of two main parts, where the first part is a step to step guide to serve as inspiration on how to get started with green business model innovation. The steps are based on best practice from the interviews conducted with the companies that took part in this study. The second part of this guide is a selection of specific tools used by some of the case companies.

This Short Guide to Green Business Model Innovation draws on the practical learning from the business cases in the project Green Business Model Innovation completed for Nordic Innovation from August 2011 to August 2012. The work is a continuation of a previous project Green Business Models in the Nordic Region – A key to promote sustainable growth, also completed for Nordic Innovation in 2010.  


In the green paper Green Business Models in the Nordic Region” by the Nordic Council of Ministers (FORA 2010) it is concluded that the Nordic region has a great and untapped potential for Green Business Model Innovation. The green paper points to the demands for more in-depth knowledge and awareness regarding the benefits and effects of Green Business Model Innovation and for supporting policies and regulation to promote Green Business Model Innovation.


This Nordic project addresses the above fundamental challenges and strengthen international network relations with organisations such as the OECD, Nordic and international frontrunner companies, policy makers, industry organisations and experts.


The other reports in this series are Green Business Model Innovation: Conceptualization Report, Green Business Model Innovation: Policy Report, Green Business Model Innovation: Empirical and Literature Studies, Green Business Model Innovation: Business Case Study Compendium and Green Business Model Innovation: Conceptualisation, Next Practice and Policy.