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Putting Intellectual Capital into Practice: Nordic harmonized knowledge indicators

  • Publisert 07.03.2007
  • Sist oppdatert 12.03.2011
Testimonials from the participants clearly state that they have benefited from the project in various ways. The most obvious ones are realization of existing values in intangible resources and better management of those resources.

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Another is the attitude towards intangibles and how these are disclosed, both internally and externally. The PIP framework has in many cases created a common understanding for communicating intangible values and company strategy, both to internal and external stakeholders. 

The IC reports have proven to be a useful negotiation tool not only internally but also to external stakeholders and as such enabled the companies to raise venture capital and loans at better rates. Preliminary results from PIP member survey indicates that the companies within PIP show a strong sense of organizational learning and that they are in a better position to obtain business excellence in their performance.

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