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NVWN – the Nordic Virtual Worlds Network

  • Publisert 12.08.2013
Opportunities and challenges that the emerging 3D immersive Internet and virtual worlds pose for entrepreneurship and innovation.

This report is based on NVWN – the Nordic Virtual Worlds Network, a two-­year Nordic research  project  and  network  combining  academics,  practitioners,  and  entrepreneurs running from March 2010 to February 2012. The project investigated the opportunities and challenges that the emerging 3D immersive Internet and virtual worlds pose for entrepreneurship  and  innovation.  During  the  two  years,  the  project  produced  several reports on topics such as entrepreneurship, innovation, and the future of the virtual worlds and  these  can  be  found  on  our  project  website:­findings/. Appendix 3 also provides more information on these reports.


While we found that activities in-­world or in online spaces take many forms and generally involve multiple organizations and individuals, there are a wide range of commercial and value creation processes underpinning these spaces and what happens within them. These processes involve firms of all sizes, innovation, and entrepreneurship, and policy can make a very considerable difference to the climate for successful firms and entrepreneurs.


Our project findings clearly indicate that policy is needed to support the 3D Immersive Internet based industry. This report is very narrowly focused on analyzing the policy implications of the emergence of an industry of firms and economic actors that depend upon the 3D Immersive Internet for their prosperity.


Nordic policies should be emphasized. The policies suggested here are explicitly Nordic in character and scope. While there are many measures that can be — and are — taken at national and local levels, we argue that there are significant synergies to be gained from coordinating policies across borders and that the Nordic arena is a natural candidate for such coordination and cooperation.