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NOWATECH - Nordic Water Technology Verification Centers (NT TECH REPORT 619)

  • Publisert 07.03.2010
  • Sist oppdatert 10.03.2011
In the NOWATECH project, co-ordinated methods for environmental technology verification (ETV) have been developed and implemented at three centers, and the centers have conducted in total 10 pilot verifications. The Project has provided a significant contribution to the plans for a European Union based ETV scheme, has contributed to international mutual recognition of ETV and has produced a proposal for a Nordic ETV scheme.

Continuous dissemination of the results has been ensured through the project web. The role, organization and prospects of ETV in the Nordic countries have been described in reports, papers and presentations, and an extensive consultation process has been done with regulators, authorities and industry at levels from national over Nordic to European and global. 


What is ETV?

Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) is independent documentation of the performance of innovative technologies. Overall, ETV provides proof that:

  • Test center biological water treatment technologies at Aquateam
  • Test center cleaner water treatment technologies at IVL
  • Test center water technologies at DHI

In order to ensure uniform operation of ETV at the centers, each center has prepared and implemented a quality manual for ETVbased upon one common and accepted template. 


The selection of technologies and the planning of the test center operation and extension were supported by a technology review on innovative water technologies and a market report for the Nordic ETV.


The centers have done verification of 10 technologies as pilot operations:

  • Biowater Technology combined fixed film and activated sludge process
  • Krüger Kaldnes moving bed biofilm reactor
  • Vilokan evaporator and membrane filter equipment for treatment of cutting oils and degreasing baths
  • Vilokan vacuum evaporator and activated carbon filter equipment for treatment of cutting oils
  • Vilokan ultra membrane filtration equipment for treatment of cutting oils and degreasing baths
  • Nordcap Membrane Consulting ultra membrane and reverse osmosis equipment for treatment of cutting oils and degreasing baths
  • Aqua Chameleon UV/Ozone system by ULTRAAQUA for removal of geosmin and MIB in recirculated aquaculture process water
  • Aqua Chameleon UV/hydrogen peroxide system by ULTRAAQUA for removal of geosmin and MIB in recirculated aquaculture process water
  • Sorbisense GWS40 passive sampler for volatile organic compounds in ground-water
  • S:CAN Spectrolyser mulitparameter sensor for wastewater

An expanded network of technology providers, users and regulators has been established through:

  • Cooperation with a related project under the Nordic Innovation Centre focus area Nordic Environmental Technology, called Nordic Environmental Technology Solutions (NETS).
  • Organization of three workshops on ETV in the Netherlands, Copenhagen and Brussels providing information for the technology industry, as well an opportunity for ETV information exchange and consultation.
  • Participation in the first steps towards standardization of ETV through CEN Work Shop 32 preparing an agreement on environmental technology verification – soil and groundwater site characterization, monitoring and remediation technologies.

Presentation of NOWATECH and the concept of ETV to Nordic and Baltic industry networks: Clean Water Norway, Entech Norway, Swedish Environmental Technology Net,Swedish Association of Suppliers of Effluent and Water Treatment Equipment (VARIM)Baltic 21Finnish Water and Waste Water Works AssociationFinnish Cooperation Forum for Environmental Geotechnics and Green Net Finland.

Resulting from the network expansion in the project is a solid basis for qualified stakeholder interactions and technology solicitation for verification for the three NOWATECH test centers.




The verification reports, presentations of the NOWATECH centers and general information on ETV have been made generally available at web site: The web site now provides an efficient and established tool for Nordic ETV communication.




Based upon inventories and consultations made by the Danish DANETV cooperation, expansion of the ETV emphasis from water technologies to include a broader range of technologies addressing issues of environment and climate is suggested: energy technologies, air emission technologies and technologies for improving environmental management in agriculture. 


Through extensive consultations with national and international authority stakeholders and ETV operators, NOWATECH has been positioned as an accepted ETV partner, globally. Still, with the current delay in establishing the European ETV scheme, the continuation and expansion of the NOWATECH ETV centers were endangered by the lack of a normative reference and framework after project completion. 



QA Manual - Nordtest Method ENVIR 011

Therefore, Nordic Innovation Centre has processed and published a verification method prepared by NOWATECH as a Nordtest method. Appendix 1 to the final report, the QA manual, has been published asNordtest Method ENVIR 011: ETV test centre and test organization - Centre quality manual template. This method will be updated according to lessons learned by doing verifications. 



Future perspectives

Furthermore, the Nordic Innovation Centre board of directors has decided to establish a Nordtest ETV scheme, NTETV, and the NOWATECH partners are preparing for launching of this scheme in cooperation with Nordic Innovation Centre during the winter 2009-2010. 


With these initiatives, the purpose of supporting the Nordic environmental technology industry in both the home market and the global market by giving access to accepted and comparable technology verification data is indeed secured in a long term perspective. 

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