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Norrama Nordic Network of Rapid Manufacturing

  • Publisert 01.03.2010
  • Sist oppdatert 08.06.2011


Frontpage reportObjective:
The ability of Rapid Manufacturing, RM, to manufacture any design created in a 3D CAD system, without having to consider the geometrical limitations of production processes or expensive tooling, opens new possibilities for individual design of products and parts.

Design freedom in product development is now a reality with RM. The potential of RM is significant. RM parts can be manufactured with highly complex internal and re-entrant features, complexities which are impossible to produce with conventional production methods. RM can be used to manufacture assembly fixtures and jigs that eliminate or reduce process steps and obtain reduced cost and lead time. RM allowing manufacture of low volume production of parts even one off the kind can be produced cost effectively. 

Rapid Manufacturing has the potential to introduce totally new and innovative products to the market, faster and cheaper than seen with the traditional methods. When used in the right way, RM will strenghten the competitiveness for the innovative industry and will be of special importance for the SMEs in the Nordic countries. Transfer of new knowledge is required to commence this development, i.e. knowledge of the RM technology and business development of "new innovative products" which are not available today. The Nordic industry must learn how to design, produce and make business with the new possibilities within RM.

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