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Nordic Technology Transfer Network for Regional Innovation

  • Publisert 07.03.2008
  • Sist oppdatert 10.03.2011
A Nordic technology transfer network is attractive to everyone seeking and providing technology, i.e. businesses, technology brokers and science parks.

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The objective of the Nordic Technology Transfer Network is to cross-fertilize the Nordic Region in terms of tech-trans resource accessibility. 

A Nordic knowledge pool
The Nordic Technology Transfer Network gives its members an easy and quick way of obtaining and giving answers to technology requests.

The result is the Nordic knowledge pool of members, interacting and gaining technology from the simple e-based network tool.

An e-based knowledge pool network
The Nordic Technology Transfer Network aims to create a network of small and big businesses, science parks and universities in the Nordic Region.

The core of the network is the ability to send out a simple e-mail to the whole group containing a specific technology or information request.

The network in short:

  1. It’s discrete, easy and free for network members such as corporates, technology brokers or technology scouts to seek and provide technology across the entire Nordic Region.

  2. Since the network is driven by the desire for technology demand or industry contacts, it generates more market “pull” traffic for everyone.

  3. The resulting Nordic Technology Transfer Network is all about making connections.

Project duration: September 2007 - September 2008

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