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Entrepreneurial learning & academic spin-offs

  • Publisert 07.03.2005
  • Sist oppdatert 10.03.2011
Nordic technical universities deficient in their approach to entrepreneurship: A new pan-Nordic survey suggests that the region's technical universities, whose students are arguably best placed to launch robust start-up companies, are sadly deficient in their approach to entrepreneurship.

Of the 35 higher education courses in the Nordic countries in which a substantial entrepreneurial content could be identified, only 12 were associated with technical universities.

Missed opportunities
At present, entrepreneurial education is largely confined to business schools and universities, which are unfortunately far removed from the real world in which the major opportunities to start new wealth-creating companies are most likely to arise. Entrepreneurial education is not the same thing as training in how to lead small and medium-sized businesses.

Practical inexperience
To a great extent, education is run along traditional pedagogic lines using lecturers whose practical experience is slight. As a result, the crucial experimental aspects of learning entrepreneurial skills suffer neglect, and the commercial focus is weakened. The theoretical side is less unsatisfactory, but a persistent weakness is the tendency to confuse small business operations and entrepreneurship.

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