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Nordic service providers' experiences and views on certification as a business tool

  • Publisert 20.10.2010
  • Sist oppdatert 10.03.2011
A study of Nordic service sector providers that focuses on their experiences and perspectives regarding certification.

Frontpage reportThis report has been prepared by MENON Business Economics for the Nordic Innovation Centre. It contains a study of Nordic service sector providers and focuses on their experiences and perspectives regarding certification.


The study is a part of the programme “Nordic platforms for better trade in services”, and should be regarded as being closely related to the survey “To certify your services” carried out by Grimsby and Grünfeld (2008).


The scope of this study, which identifies service providers within four different service sectors from all five Nordic countries, creates obvious challenges in terms of the degree to which its results are fully representative. For the most part, its findings are based on qualitative responses from selected service providers, and are not necessarily representative for the entire service sector.


In qualitative studies such as this, which combine questionnaires, interviews and discussions held during workshops, it is a challenge to structure the results in a systematic format suitable for presentation in a report. Companies which have strongly-held views and more experience with certification are bound to be assigned greater weight, and this reflects an emphasis on the views of companies for which the subject is most relevant.  


A special thank you to the reference group consisting of:
Tore N. Thomassen, EFTA
Ivar Jachwitz, Standard Norge
Pål Somdalen, Nærings- og handelsdepartementet
Anne Louise Aartun Bye, NHO 


Project completion: August 2010