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Nordic PDU - a Nordic Patent Defense Union

  • Publisert 31.01.2008
  • Sist oppdatert 18.02.2013
A modified Patent Defence Union for assisting Nordic SMEs in IP dispute resolution has been developed.

The main features of the NORDIP Model are an Education part and a Dispute Resolution part. Small companies can apply for participation in the NORDIP program. In a first screening, the candidates and a NORDIP advisor will establish a diagnosis in common. All companies will be offered to participate in an education program specifically addressing IP strategies. The applicants successfully passing screening will be accepted in the Evaluation phase and receive a senior business advisor for developing a strategy for solving the problem at hand. Mediation will be offered and can be referred to traditional mediation institutes or be set up by NORDIP. If mediation should fail, also litigation assistance is provided by NORDIP, both in form of financing aid and legal and business advice. Financing could be set up as a fund open for private investors and where the participating companies will contribute on a contingency basis.


The Model has received positive response when presented in interested circles. A crucial factor for realising the Model will be initial funding and organisation.