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Nordic Network on Weather Protection Systems (WPS)

  • Publisert 31.12.2004
  • Sist oppdatert 30.03.2011
The most important achievements of the project are a well established and self financed Nordic network and the first version of a set of tools for the trade.


When building during wintertime in the Nordic countries there is a risk for delay, poorer quality, damages on building material and constructions and a poor working environment due to the weather conditions. The use of Weather Protection Systems (WPS) can remove or minimize the problems. In the Nordic countries mainly solutions with tent or scaffolding or a combination of tent and scaffolding is used. 


However, many building and renovation projects are carried through without the use of WPS. The main reasons given are:

  • It is too expensive
  • It is too troublesome to use
  • Insufficient technical solutions


Lack of knowledge and tools in the building trade

Many people in the building trade has gathered negative experience building during wintertime without WPS, but they lack documentation in front of their own leaders and the builders that it can pay off to use WPS. The cost for raising, running and dismantling a WPS is easily estimated while the benefits are more difficult to estimate. Furthermore, tools for planning and running of building project with the use of WPS are lacking.


Results and conclusions

The most important achievements of the project are a well established and self financed Nordic network and the first version of a set of tools for the trade:

  • Two cost/benefit-models (Excel sheets) for the use of WPS – a simple one and a detailed one
  • Description of performance: A checklist for the description of a WPS for tender documents
  • Paradigm for a Weather Protection Plan (WPP)
  • Description of the benefits and draw backs of WPS. The direct effects and the effects for the society
  • Description of types of WPS including definitions

Change of deeply-rooted opinions in the Nordic building trade takes time but the results of the network project are that for the first time effort have been done to document the benefits of using WPS. Several parties in the trade have shown interest in the cost/benefit models. The models are an easy way to make an economical evaluation of the effect of the use of WPS on concrete building and renovation projects. 


The effort in the network will without doubt result in social benefits such as:

  • Increased quality (less moisture, healthier buildings, fewer building damages etc.)
  • Decreases in costs in the health care sector (fewer accidents, less attrition of the work force etc.)
  • Reduction in cost for management of buildings

Direct effects will be:

  • Shorter production time
  • Decrease in damages on materials and constructions
  • A better working environment
  • A decrease in cost for heating and drying out
  • Increase in productivity
  • Production without interruption
  • Improved quality (a work force that thrives does a better job)
  • A better reputation (we build in dry surroundings, we use WPS in our projects; we are taking care of our employees etc.)

Most of the results have been published in 3 newsletters printed in 20.000 copies in Scandinavian and Finish. The newsletters and tools can be ordered from the project leader. In the future the information will be updated and issued by the network.


The cost/benefit models have caught a lot of attention in several of the Nordic countries and activities within and outside the network are expected. 


Danish Technological Institute hosts the secretary of the network the first year (2005).


Project duration: 01.01.2002 - 31.12.2004

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