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Nordic Internet Conference - Internet Supervision and Control

  • Publisert 28.02.2005
  • Sist oppdatert 08.06.2011

Nordic Internet Conference - Internet Supervision and Control

Controlling and supervising equipment via the Internet is a strongly emerging technology and technically possible today. Now and even more in the future it will be necessary for Nordic interests to understand the consequences when including the Internet in applications. It is especially important for real-time, safety and security related applications. This was the background for theNordic Internet Conference: Internet Supervision and Controlheld in Borås, Sweden on 24 November 2004.

The focus of the conference was on including the Internet in applications and using it in the same way as a LAN would be used within a distributed local application. Important aspects are real-time, security and safety. The conformity aspect is also interesting and we could use the ISO/IEC definition "any activity concerned with determining directly or indirectly that relevant requirements are fulfilled." This includes topics such as testing, inspection, evaluation, verification, certification, standards and processes. The purpose of the conference was to establish contacts within the Nordic countries, to survey Nordic state of the art. 

The conference summary report can be downloaded below. 

Project duration: 01.01.2004 - 31.12.2004

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