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Nordic Innovation Annual Report 2010

  • Publisert 19.05.2011
2010 - A year of renewal and green prosperity

2010 was the year of renewal and change for Nordic Innovation. We spent the year in close dialogue with our stakeholders to figure out the right strategy for the years ahead. Our board, management and staff contributed to this comprehensive strategy development. We also spent time figuring out our role in promoting innovation in the Nordic region, concluding that it is exactly promoting innovation that is our core business. The outcome is therefore a strategy for 2011-2014, placing emphasis on proactive innovation efforts, networking initiatives and competence sharing between the Nordic innovation actors. So far the feedback on our new strategic decisions for Nordic Innovation has shown that the choices we made were correct. The choices made in our new strategy were also in alignment with the new Nordic Co-operation Programme for Innovation and Business Policy 2011–2013. Both our strategy as well as the new co-operation program places emphasis on green growth and sustainable innovation as the key factor for successful development in the Nordic region in the coming years.


Along with the new strategy came also a simplification of our name, to better communicate our official role within the Nordic cooperation and that innovation is our primary task. By removing Centre from our name we hope to dismiss of all misunderstandings about what kind of institution we represent.


Last year we cooperated closely with the Danish presidency for Nordic council of ministers, and one of our common tasks was to launch the new globalizations initiative for climate friendly buildings.


2010 also marked the official start up of our Measured and Managed Innovation programme. After a small pilot we were happy to set aboard the full scale programme with 100 Nordic companies participating in a comprehensive programme that will help them further develop their innovation strategies. These businesses represent more than 160.000 employees, and a 20 Billion Euros turnover. Now in the beginning of 2011 we are starting to see results, and expect more in the coming year.