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Nordic Glulam Handbook (Nordisk Limträhandbok)

  • Publisert 25.02.2010
  • Sist oppdatert 06.06.2011
The purpose of the project Nordic Glulam Handbook has been to produce a reference source on laminated timber products. Most important was that it should be easy to use, to update and distribute. The obvious solution is both electronic and printed publications.

Frontpage report
Content of the book

The content conforms to Eurocode 5 and associated National Application Document (NAD) and timber construction standards in respective countries. The handbook is a practical aid to designing laminated timber structures, covering all aspects from manufacturing procedures to detailed construction and finishing techniques. The book has 232 pages, roughly 200 colour figures, 500 equations and several colour pictures, diagrams and tables. The electronic edition on CD features a familiar web-like interface and separate data bases for the different languages, including interactive functions and english language. The price is about 35 Euros for the book or CD. For both versions the price is approximately 45 Euros.

For whom?
All who work with laminated timber – developers, planners, engineers, managers – will find the handbook indispensable. The handbook is produced in separate printed books in Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish. 

At the moment only the swedish book is printed. The finnish and norwegian book will be delivered in beginning of 2002. The price is about 35 Euros for one printed book including CD. 

Printed copies of the Nordic Glulam Handbook (Swedish language only) may be purchased at Byggbokhandeln. 

Online versions of the Nordic Glulam Handbook are available in Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and English at Free online registration is required.

Project duration: 01.07.1999 - 30.06.2002

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