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Nordic collaboration in health services

  • Publisert 24.02.2009
  • Sist oppdatert 20.05.2011
A feasibility study on the potentials and barriers towards an open market for health services in the Nordic countries.

A number of new developments – advanced technology, increased mobility within the skilled labour market, increased demand for specialisation and EU citizens right to seek healthcare in another country etc. – challenge the national health care systems. Health-care might in some instances be better provided in another member state, for rare condi-tions or specialised treatment. This may also be the case in border regions where the nearest appropriate facility may be situated in another country.


On this background, Nordic Innovation Centre comissioned the Scandinavian consultancy Oxford Research to conduct a feasibility study of the potentials towards an open market for health care services in the Nordic countries. Oxford Research visited four interesting Nordic regions and carried out more than 50 interviews with high level experts within the health care sector.


The task that Nordic Innovation Centre gave to Oxford Research was to maintain focus on the potentials of a more integrated Nordic health care system, leaving all the obstacles behind. This is difficult in practise, and the researchers finally included some of the barriers and downsides of international health care. However they succeeded in keeping the main focus on the potential benefits. The full results are presented in the final report. The main findings are also presented in a summary report.