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Nordic Baltic Innovation Platform for Creative Industries - Focusing especially on design

  • Publisert 01.03.2006
  • Sist oppdatert 09.06.2011

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Focusing especially on design
Societal and market trends have led to an increased industrial reliance upon creative skills as a major source of value creation. Design has increasingly been recognized as a strategic tool for companies in the Nordic Baltic region, and design is a key field to bridge the gap between creative disciplines and traditional businesses. By establishing a Nordic Baltic platform for creative industries (CI), the interaction between traditional industries and creative disciplines across the Nordic Baltic region could be stimulated and strengthened.

Conclusions & Recommendations
The building of a Nordic-Baltic innovation platform for creative industries is in
need of constant development of national innovation systems in each country, as the differences between the development stages in economies and education in the participating countries hinder further activities. All the participating countries recognize design as a competitive asset, but even so there are few innovation systems implementing design in the surveyed countries. 

Coherent Innovation System
Concrete steps towards a more coherent innovation system should be taken. One example of recent activities in this field is the Innovation University concept in Finland. This is a joint venture between Helsinki University of Technology, Helsinki School of Economics and University of Art and Design Helsinki. The aim is the establishment of multi-task research institutes, which develop new businesses utilising the new knowledge created in the respective universities. We further recommend the development of new research programmes to create new knowledge, and application of this to the industry.

Nordic Baltic Focus
We advise that a Nordic Baltic design focus is implemented in the national innovation systems, and that further research regarding measures aimed at closing the present gaps, is effectuated. Currently there is a lack of proper tools transferring the new design knowledge and ideas to actual utilization. Further work is needed in the field of development of new innovation transfer tools. 

Project start: February 2005 

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  • Juha jarvinen

    Project Manager, Designium Innovation Centre, University of Art and Design, Finland