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Non-Destructive Testing Methods for Integrity Determination of Concrete Structures

  • Publisert 28.02.2004
  • Sist oppdatert 07.06.2011
Today, it is well recognised that methods that can be used to do assessments of existing structures without the need for destructive tests has the potential to become increasingly important tools as a part of work being invested to structures. The companies that offer these methods, however, experience difficulties to sell services that rely on such methods.

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At the same time, the owner organisation’s knowledge about using non-destructive testing as a part of a concrete investigation is limited. In order to change this, the potential profit that can come out from using non-destructive methods needs to be clarified in a simple and descriptive way. 

In 1999 the Nordic Industrial Fund funded an initiative on technology and methodology development on non-destructive testing for existing concrete structures: “Non-destructive testing for integrity determination of concrete structures”

The project was initiated from both service provider companies and owner organisations, with the ambition to reach cost-effective methodology for surveying through establishment of guidelines. These guidelines should rely on comprehensive field studies on real problem cases. The project started in 1999 and was ended in September 2003.

This project was inspired by the need to know the actual capabilities of non-destructive testing techniques for use on concrete structures. A number of common problem types have been considered and the best available techniques chosen to investigate them. The process has involved construction of a number of models with well-defined details and idealised defects. Whether the artificial defects actually can reflect the true situation on site can be argued, but this was a necessary starting point to enable us to describe the potential capabilities. Various examples have also been chosen from a diversity of real structures.

Projeckt duration: 01.09.1999 - 31.12.2002