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Nanoscale Surface Treatments to Functionalise Polymer Particles (PARFUN)

  • Publisert 26.04.2011
  • Sist oppdatert 26.04.2011
The PARFUN project consortium has investigated the potential application of mono-sized polymer particles as spacers for a new generation of high performance LCD screens.

Image of the report's front pageThe consortium has generated particles with a very narrow size distribution and with properties tailored to the application. The particles have a size of the order 3 to 5 micrometer in diameter.


Particles have been characterized extensively with respect to mechanical and surface properties. In order to produce conducting spacers the particles have been coated with nickel and gold. The particles have been incorporated in small prototype LCD cells and these cells have been characterized with respect to performance. No significant distortion of the liquid crystal crystallization is observed in the vicinity of the particles and ion leakage tests showed no leakage.


The consortium has developed a novel technology for the placement of particles on the LCD substrate. For high performance screens it is desired that the spacers be located only in the non-active parts of the screen: between the pixels in the dark framing regions. A patent application will be filed in the first part of 2011 to protect the IPR related to this method. The two “end-users” associated with the project, Swecard AB and 3M, both have expressed interest in following up this technology and consider it for their future products.

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