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NANOREP - Nanosized Particles for Improved Scratch Resistance of Polymeric Materials

  • Publisert 25.02.2010
  • Sist oppdatert 30.05.2011

Scratch and mar resistance of plastic articles is a main attribute in Nordic industry with products in the premium category. Technology for improving the properties with particulate nano additives in polymers will create product benefits for either base materials or coatings. Costs and weight reductions with maintained or improved properties are prime targets but environment aspects are also focused. An effective way for improvements is offered by nanosized particles but knowledge is limited and applied
research is needed.

The objective of the project consortium was to work together in developing scratch- and mar resistant nano-composites for polymers. Characterisation methods and designing of selection criteria for optimal particle/polymer systems were established for selected systems. Consideration of health & safety and environmental aspects has been included. Dissemination of technical information about the nanosized fillers potential was ensured as appropriate within the Nordic region.

Project presentation - Kick-off in May 2006 (ppt)


Project duration: May 2006 - March 2008


Project leader

Christian Simon, SINTEF Materialteknologi, Norway


Project participants

Jan-Olof Roszinski, ELKEM, Norway

Bozena Tokarz, Eka Chemicals, Sweden

Olav Marstokk, Jotun Paints, Norway

Nicolas Cochet, Beckers Industrial Coatings, Sweden

Henrik Bladt, Bang & Olufsen, Denmark

Robert Pompe, IVF Industriforksning och utveckling, Sweden

Jón Bjarnason, Malning hf, Iceland

Pál Árnason, Icetec - Technological Institute of Iceland, Iceland