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Measured and Managed Innovation 2010-2012 - Final report

  • Publisert 06.12.2012
Nordic Innovation’s results from programme for Measured and Managed Innovation (MMI) shows how 70 Nordic companies from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland work with business model innovation over a period of time from 2010-2012.

The report shows that companies can improve on their innovation strategy without extra spending by mapping out a clear innovation strategy based on business model innovation frameworks such as for instance the  Innovation Radar.


The report also reveals that Nordic companies still tend to focus their innovation efforts towards product and process innovation. A too narrow focus on these types of innovation have the risk of leading to competition on price and commodities.


By broadening the innovation focus and mindset to include new partnerships, customer experience company managers can work more dynamically with innovation and thereby differentiate themselves from the competition.


The report presents a wealth of insights about how Nordic companies innovate and presents valuable company cases and company statements.


The MMI report is an essential contribution to everyone interested in innovation in companies and innovation policy and how these can be interrelated.

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