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Maximum resource utilisation - Value added fish by-products

  • Publisert 24.02.2010
  • Sist oppdatert 20.05.2011
The aim of the project "Maximum resource utilisation – Value added fish by-products" was to improve the competitiveness of the fish industry by industry driven research.

Both existing and improved ingredients from rest raw materials in the fish processing industry was evaluated for utilization in processing lines of whitefish fillets and emulsion based foods. In addition to general raw material properties and application, special emphasis was put on properties and production of fish protein isolates (FPI), fish protein hydrolysate (FPH), homogenized fish protein (HFP) and gelatin. 

Rest raw materials from the processing industry have different properties and are basis for different ingredients and applications. The project has demonstrated the potential of increasing the value of processing water, rest raw material and under-utilized species. It has also shown how the quality and value of fish mince as an ingredient can be improved, and demonstrated the effects of protein ingredients on whitefish fillets and emulsion based products. Using fish proteins as ingredients in processing lines for whitefish fillets generally improved the final products, resulting in lower drip loss and higher total yield. Addition of fish proteins in emulsion based products affected different functional properties. Indications were found of antioxidative and some specific bioactive properties of FPH. Extraction of gelatin from cold water fish species can take place at room temperature, giving a gel strength thigh enough to expand the application area of cold water fish gelatin.

Further specification and documentation of raw material and processes is needed for production and commercialisation of fish protein ingredients. Without those, it can be difficult to claim addition benefits achieved compared to traditional products. Selection of raw materials and documentation of beneficial health effects to support new health claims is important. Standardized protein products for specific food products, should be developed.


Project duration: 01.01.2006 - 31.12.2009

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