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Jenka - Creative Industries Network

  • Publisert 01.03.2007
  • Sist oppdatert 08.06.2011
At the outset of the Jenka project, the Creative Industries (or Experience Economy) was a new field of research. As the network started its exploration of possibilities and impossibilities related to the Creative Industries, the field developed rapidly and can today already claim the same focus as, IT, Bio Tech etc.

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By running a network focusing on this specific business area in the Nordic region, the path has been laid out to build up knowledge and make it possible to launch innovative projects across borders and traditional sector definitions within the fields of Creative industries.

Globalisation is rapidly changing the economic development agenda in the Nordic countries. On one side outsourcing is becoming abundant, and on the other side markets are opening up around the world for new and innovative products, and tourism is exploding. 

Nordic governments and shared Nordic political bodies are increasing their focus on supporting the development of faster and more globally oriented innovation on a regional level. Several “Cluster” analyses proclaim the Experience Economy to become an increasingly important growth factor, direct as well as indirect. Direct through tourism, services and new products, and indirect in order to attract and keep global talent. 

Jenka has established a number of learning circles – Education, Innovation, Development and Research - to help participating institutions become a significant factor in the economic development of the regional creative and experience economy. The focus in the learning circles has been on scenarios and best practice, and the institutions has been provided with inspiration and specific tools for future development.

Being part of the Jenka network resulted in additional information sharing and knowledge from different fields such as Innovation and Education and Research. This has been yielding additional inspiring influences to network members giving rise to new ideas and possibilities for development.

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