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Internationalisation in Nordic and Baltic science parks

  • Publisert 06.03.2001
  • Sist oppdatert 20.05.2011
This report is about internationalisation in the Nordic and Baltic science- and technology parks. More specifically it describes what the Nordic and Baltic science- and technology parks do (and not do) in order to support and stimulate internationalisation of the park and the localised firms.

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It also describes what kind of support the firms would like to receive in internationalisation issues as well as report three small case studies on internationalisation projects currently in progress in some of the Nordic parks. Finally we discuss our most important findings and draw some conclusions regarding the future work of internationalisation in the Nordic and Baltic science- and technology parks. 

The study has been initiated by Swedepark and Ms Gertrud Bohlin Ottosson, CEO of Ideon Center AB in Lund, Sweden and responsible for Swedepark’s internationalisation program. Ms Gertrud Bohlin Ottosson has also acted as project leader. The study was commissioned to the School of Economics and Management at Lund University in Sweden. Lars Bengtsson (DBA) and Marie Löwegren (MSc) have carried out the study and written the report. 

The study has received financial support from the Nordic Industrial Fund (Baltic countries, Nordic countries) and The National Board of Technical and Industrial Development – NUTEK (Sweden). 

Finally, we would like to thank all 53 Nordic and 5 Baltic science- and technology parks and their firms that have participated in the study. We were impressed that all science parks in the Nordic and Baltic countries actually agreed to participate in the study, and of the great interest for the project that we perceived in our telephone interviews with park management.


Lund, Sweden, December 2000.