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Interact - innovation in the public sector and public-private interaction

  • Publisert 06.03.2007
  • Sist oppdatert 20.05.2011


Frontpage reportThe main message from this report is that innovation in the public sector must not be reduced to a matter of delivering new technologies to a passive recipient, the noninnovative public sector. There is a lot of innovation taking place in the public sector, within or outside the scope of policy planning.

The Nordic countries are lucky in having some of the most advanced and knowledge intensive public sectors in the world. No doubt this is a contributing factor to some of the wealth creation taking place in these countries. However, we still have not fully grasped the effects the public institutions have on innovation in the private sector, nor do we fully understand the interaction between the two sectors. 

Interact believes that it would make sense to expand the current innovation policies in the Nordic countries to include:


  1. Innovation in the public sector as regards its effect on innovation in the private sector, and visa-versa

  2. Innovation in the public sector per se, i.e. as regards the effects these activities have on the institutions’ learning and innovation capabilities

  3. A common learning and innovation arena including public, private and civil organisations