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InnoUrba - The living and working environment for the future

  • Publisert 30.06.2009
  • Sist oppdatert 19.02.2013
InnoUrba is a project about developing land-use planning methods and solutions for new urban environments in Nordic cities. The project created a best-practice proposal for a Nordic planning procedure. The project includes three case studies: Anebjerg in Skanderborg, Ön in Umeå and Toppila Shore in Oulu.

The objective of the project was to develop land-use planning processes in the Nordic countries so that new innovative operating environments are created and the land-use planning practices evaluated and compared.


Benefits of the project

  • innovative, inspirational and user-friendly environment
  • best practices for planners and consultants across national borderlines
  • increasing the residents’ influence on urban development
  • cross-border co-operation


Main outcomes

  • Green Paper of best practices in planning
  • Project implementation through case studies
  • Sharing experiences


The objective of the InnoUrba Green Paper is to open up a policy debate about land-use planning methods and solutions. It is designed to help policy-makers in Nordic Countries from the local to national level recognize the potential of cross-border co-operation and identify ways to support planning and realizing innovative, inspirational and user-friendly living and working environment in a more coordinated and connected way.