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In Search of the Experience Economy

  • Publisert 01.03.2006
  • Sist oppdatert 09.06.2011

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The reality of tourism is changing
Throughout Europe all the major cities compete intensively to attract and host international events. The aim of this project was to demonstrate the economic importance of events, show the employment effects that events manifest, and produce knowledge from actual events in the Nordic cites. This was done through both a quantitative and a qualitative study focusing on 19 events in the Nordic region.

Conclusions & Recommendations
Main results from the quantitative study show that events create growth. The majority of growth is created within the trade, hotel and restaurant industry, - in addition to within the actual event organisation itself. It was also shown that events create employment; the specific tourism economic turnover for the 19 events studied gave rise to around 1,300 jobs.

Necessity of Support
The main results from the quantitative case studies show the importance of cooperation and support by involved players, both in public and private sector. Furthermore, the budgeting for new events showed to be a challenge, and in such situations it would be good to draw on the experience of previous host organisations.

Marketing Important
For large public events, marketing is a key factor in order to reach the full potential of the event. It is therefore important that marketing has its own budget, which is not used even if other cost turns out to be higher than expected. Different types of events require different types of marketing, and event organisations should be provided with budgets and skills that correspond to the task.

Road Ahead
There is also need for more detailed knowledge of the marketing of events and their contribution to the destination’s brand work. In addition, a study of how the event affects inhabitants‘ perceptions of their own town, and what is required for the local population to have a positive attitude to the organisation of events, is desired. Benchmark studies should be carried out focusing on the conditions that must be met in order for European cities to be “event destinations”. It is also recommended to produce a competitor analysis with focus on event arenas. 

Cooperation between the cities is the only way forward. The Nordic tourism economies are already linked and integrated in sense of infrastructure, major players and catchments areas. This gives an excellent starting point.

Project start: January 2005 
Project end: December 2005

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