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Green Business Model Innovation: Empirical and literature studies

  • Publisert 05.11.2012
This compendium includes five different parts encompassing different assessment methodologies (both qualitative and quantitative) of green business cases in the Nordic region, but also around the world.

Fact based knowledge in relation to Green Business Model Innovation is needed in order to allow better understanding of this subject, and enable businesses and policy makers to effectively address the factors that drive or impede companies in developing new and greener business models.


One of the main findings of the different studies is that, even though it is too early in the evolution of GBMI within the business sphere to be able to produce solid statistics and sound evidence, there is a clear business case for sustainability, and all the companies that have adopted this strategy have experienced or expect to experience positive financial or environmental impact.


Many of the companies see Green Business Model Innovation as a new and long-term strategic investment to secure competitive advantages, more market shares and new revenue streams through production efficiency, a greener company profile and lower supply risks, especially when it comes to scarce resources.