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Green Business Model Innovation - Conceptualization report

  • Publisert 18.10.2012
  • Sist oppdatert 16.10.2012
In the light of the today’s societal challenges regarding resource scarcity and environmental degradation level, it is essential for both companies and policy makers to understand the changes that need to be addressed within business structures and value chains in order to approach green growth.

Concrete examples of already available sustainable business activities (focusing on life-cycle and incentive models) have been gathered within this report under the name of Green Business Model Innovation (GBMI). This process takes place when a business changes part(s) of its business model and thereby captures economic value as well as reduces the environmental footprint in a life-cycle perspective.


The focus on the concept of business model is considered as being of high value, since it of-fers an opportunity to understand the mechanisms that are at the centre of how businesses operate GBMI. Generally, it can be said that the more parts of a business model which are changed and have a green effect, and the more profoundly a green change is taking place within the individual parts of the business model – going from modification, re-design, al-ternatives, to creation – the greener the business model innovation is.