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Creative Industries education in the Nordic countries - A brief portrait

  • Publisert 01.03.2008
  • Sist oppdatert 08.06.2011

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Executive summary
The educational drive within the Creative Industries, are on quite different levels in the Nordic countries. 

While it seem to be veritably blooming in Sweden, where you’ll find different combinations including a certain amount of ‘upplevelseindustri’ at nearly every university or university college – we see a more modest pace in other countries.

The general impressions are:

  • The professional environments within the CI’s seem to be scattered and small

  • There is a lack of common understanding and agreement upon terms and definitions

  • The links between educations and the labour market are weak (this reflects the poor organization of branches within the CI’s)

  • The CI’s seem to be central to innovation in bordering sectors like ICT, digital media, engineering and tourism and are often used as ‘enzymes’ or add-ons in educational initiatives

It calls upon some reflections among decision and policy makers, whether those framework conditions are to be improved.


The many individual bottom-up activities could run the risks of being inefficient in relation to meet labour market and society’s demands – as well as to fall low in terms of quality, building on too little solid knowledge in terms of analysis and research.


On the other hand it lies to some extent in the concept of not only creativity, but also in the innovation theories, that we must experiment and be willing to take risks.


The answer lies in doing both: 

We must increase the amount of evidence and solid knowledge in order to improve quality of policymaking, planning and development.


At the same time we must encourage experiments and new initiatives, observe them carefully and act upon the experience gained hereby.


It seem to be the multi-disciplinary cross-over initiatives that holds the biggest potential of promoting innovation.

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