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Creative Directions

  • Publisert 01.03.2006
  • Sist oppdatert 09.06.2011

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A Nordic framework for supporting the creative industries
The Nordic region has the capacity to become one of the world’s most dynamic and important regions for the creative industries (CI). The objective of this project is to create a framework for how policymakers can think about the creative industries, and deals with the creative industries from an industrial and economic perspective.

Conclusions & Recommendations
Policies implemented and coordinated at a Nordic level have a great potential to improve the competitiveness of the creative industries.

5 Steps to Success
Policy recommendations are presented that address five distinct but interrelated areas:

  • Knowledge and innovation in the creative industries;

  • Cooperation and collaboration between creative industries firms;

  • Connecting creative industries firms with other industries;

  • Helping Nordic creative industries reach the market; and

  • Encouraging and investing in entrepreneurship.

Nordic Reign Possible

With concerted Nordic effort and cooperation the Nordic region has the potential to become a globally important centre for education, research and innovation in the creative industries.


Crucial Time

We believe that it is crucial that the Nordic countries start building immediately on the strengths and opportunities their creative industries represent, and contribute in a meaningful way to the further expansion of these important industries. Coordinated and collaborative action at a Nordic level can greatly benefit the competitive base for the firms that make up these exciting growth industries.


Project start: February 2005

Project end: February 2006

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