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Creating Opportunities for Young Entrepreneurs - Nordic Examples and Experiences

  • Publisert 03.03.2005
  • Sist oppdatert 22.06.2011
International studies show the importance of entrepreneurship education to create an increasing interest among young people in entrepreneurial behaviour. This project charts and highlights the activities taking place in the Nordic countries in this field.

All Governments should define the area of interest with regard to young individuals. Regardless of whether measures taken should be aimed only at young individuals or should have a more general character; it is important to have focus on this area. Different measures should be launched. From a definition of what the area of interest is in the different countries, it is important to see a holistic approach taken into account for measures in the areas of motivation, skills and opportunity. There is a need to create objectives in such a strategic approach and how these objectives should be achieved.


Create measures for young individuals leaving schools at different levels.

There is a need for a specific strategy for young individuals leaving the school system at different levels. Many of them lack the possibility to get good working experience. Others would have learned about entrepreneurship in schools and need services and support in the continuing processes outside the school. There is a need for more projects and programmes in this area.


Create and develop the area of entrepreneurship education.

The area of entrepreneurship education has developed rapidly in the Nordic countries over the last decade. Nowadays we see strategic approaches in all countries even if the number of years of experience differs a lot. However, there are still a small proportion of students participating in this type of education, a lack of teacher training and more demand for co-operation with the surrounding society. 


There are many good arguments why this area is of special importance to the Nordic countries:

  • Most of the Nordic countries have a lack of entrepreneurial activity.
  • There are demands of restructuring the society to increase the importance of the private sector.
  • There is a need to increase the number of entrepreneurs and therefore change the attitudes among young people.
  • There has so far been a lack of strategic initiatives in this area in the Nordic countries.

This project is part of the Nordic Innovation Centre’s programme for developing Nordic innovation policy.

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  • Anders Lundstrom

    Project leader, The Swedish Foundation for Small Business Research