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Cooperation between Environmental Techn. Networks in Nordic Countries on Export

  • Publisert 03.03.2006
  • Sist oppdatert 22.06.2011
The prestudy investigated the possibility of establishing a co-operation between industrial networks and companies in the nordic countries, aiming at increasing export of environmental technology from the countries.

Frontpage report

All countries, except Iceland have different networks/clusters dealing with promoting environmental technology on the international market. Most of the exporting companies are SMEs. The export value on environmental technology from the nordic countries (except Iceland) is around 11,5 billion Euros, with Denmark as the biggest exporter (around 58 %) and Sweden, on second (around 24 %). 

Only in Sweden and Denmark there are public statistics showing the excact export figures on environmental technology. The world market of environmental technologies is expected to grow more than other technological markets. 

The global market of environmental technologies are more than 500 billion Euros, expected to be around 780 billion Euros in the year 2010. The countries having supported the export of environemntal technology have better results in recent years. Sweden has in 2004 3000 new employees as a result of the increased export. All countries are interested in following up the project and establish a network for the nordic environmental networks, with some common tasks to be fullfilled by the Nordic network.

A Nordic Workshop on environmental technology, focusing on export and co-operation was organised at the end of March 2006 as a part of the project, together with NICe. All countries were represented with national networks. As a result of the workshop and the prestudy, the following areas are sugested to be followon a number of initiatives to make the Nordic ceountries d up in the future:

  • establishment of a secretariat

  • common web-solution

  • co-operation on technical visits

  • establishment of environmental technology as an industrial branch

  • look at the possibilities of branding the Nordic countries as environmental friendly

  • establish clusters between companies

  • cooperate with R&D –institutes/Universities on development of technology

  • develop common strategy on certain market areas