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Building the Nordic Research and Innovation Area in Hydrogen

  • Publisert 03.03.2005
  • Sist oppdatert 23.06.2011
The Nordic Hydrogen Energy Foresight was launched in January 2003 by 16 partners from academia, industry, energy companies and associations from all five Nordic countries. A wide range of additional Nordic and European experts from research, industry and governments have participated in the various steps of the foresight process.

The aim of the foresight is to provide decision support for companies and research institutes in defining R&D priorities and to assist governmental decision-makers in making effective framework policies for the introduction of hydrogen energy. The foresight exercise also provides a means for developing Nordic networks to gain critical mass in a wider international context.


Key technologies were prioritised by Nordic and international experts. The technology areas considered were:

  • Hydrogen production based on reforming of natural gas, electrolysis with wind power and biomass gasification;
  • Transport applications focused on hydrogen city buses and new private cars. Nordic opportunities might be in hydrogen fuel cell/electric drives for small specialised vehicles (fork-lifters, golf cars), storage of H2 as methane or methanol for transport and methane driven fuel cell/electric engines for ships. Infrastructure equipment may also become a Nordic opportunity;
  • Stationary applications focused on fuel cell systems for domestic and decentralised heat/power production and APU/UPS systems based on fuel cells and hydrogen (or similar fuels).

Roadmaps were developed for production, transport applications and stationary use of hydrogen and fuel cells. These roadmaps indicate the development of key technologies, Nordic equipment market opportunities and sizes as well as Nordic energy market opportunities and sizes from the present to 2030.


Action recommendations 

The Nordic H2 Energy Foresight suggests that the Nordic actors should take an active role in promoting the successful introduction of hydrogen energy and thereby exploit the anticipated business opportunities in this area.


Recommendations for a Nordic action strategy for the Nordic research and innovation area in hydrogen are:

  • Conduct coherent information and awareness campaigns on hydrogen economy and relevant innovation. The campaigns should be directed to decision-makers and the wider public.
  • Closer Nordic co-operation on research and development in strategically defined key areas of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies where Nordic research and Nordic industry have the best opportunities. Publicly funded research should focus on areas where industry (of today or tomorrow) can utilise the results.


Project duration: 01.01.2003 - 30.06.2005

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