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Strongholds and Qualities of the Nordic Health Tech Ecosystem

An analysis of positions of strengths of Nordic health tech companies.
  • 24.02.2010 New methods for user driven innovation in the health care sector

    This project aims to draw attention to user driven innovation in the health care sector. The goal is to develop and test methods for user driven innovation in the context of health care. Methods which have proven valuable in industrial contexts may lack suitable counterparts within the health care sector.
  • 24.02.2010 User driven innovation in the health care sector (Summary report)

    The Nordic countries have health care sectors of high international standards. In most studies the Nordic countries come out among the top ranked nations in medical quality as well as cost effectiveness. However, the health care systems are challenged by an increased demand, due to the graying of the population, and a more knowledgeable population.
  • 24.02.2010 Nordic Malt House

    The main objective of the "Nordic Malt House" project was to establish a network consisting of Nordic brewers with the purpose of identifying strengths and potentials in the development of a Nordic malt category. The aim was to develop a democratic business model for malting smaller batches of grain with special characteristics.
  • 24.02.2010 ACCLAIM - Consumer acceptance and trust: Recommendation for using health related claims in marketing

    The objective of this project was to develop a shared Nordic view among stakeholders on how health claims should be used in marketing with the emphasis on consumer understanding and how the new EU-legislation (Regulation (1924/2006) on health claims will be interpreted.
  • 30.06.2009 InnoUrba - The living and working environment for the future

    InnoUrba is a project about developing land-use planning methods and solutions for new urban environments in Nordic cities. The project created a best-practice proposal for a Nordic planning procedure. The project includes three case studies: Anebjerg in Skanderborg, Ön in Umeå and Toppila Shore in Oulu.
  • 09.03.2009 Innovasjon i helsesektoren i Norden - En kartlegging av nasjonale policies og innovasjonsprogrammer

  • 06.03.2009 SNEDIG: Small Nordic Enterprises, Developing IPR in Global Competition

    This report presents the results of a pan-Nordic study to explore how small and medium-size enterprises use IPR. It is a pilot study that demonstrates a commonly developed approach designed to overcome the barriers that hinder study of IPR use by small firms.
  • 03.03.2009 Innovasjon er mye mer enn forskning

    Design, merkevarebygging og markedsføring er like viktig. Ikke minst er det viktig å motivere kvinnene til å bli entreprenører. I Norden er det dobbelt så stor sannsynlighet at menn vil starte nye bedrifter som kvinner. Dette er noen av konklusjonene i rapporten fra konferansen “Små innovative foretak og entreprenørskap i Norden” som nå ligger klar.
  • 03.03.2009 Users' role in innovation processes in the sports equipment industry - experiences and lessons

  • 03.03.2009 Corporate governance as a source of competitiveness for Nordic firms

  • 03.03.2009 Challenges and Initiatives for the Nordic Seed Stage

    Promoting a common Nordic seed capital market The purpose of this report is to address changes needed to promote a well functioning seed stage that contributes in the creation of new companies and new industries in the Nordic countries.
  • 25.02.2009 Soot sensors for a healthy environment (SootSens I)

    Nanosized soot particles are a serious health hazard in urban air. They can penetrate deep into the lungs and their fat solubility makes possible their accumulation in other organs such as the brain. Legislation has therefore continuously reduced the allowable emission levels and raised requirements for reporting the status of the exhaust system (OBD, on board diagnostics) in diesel powered vehicles.
  • 24.02.2009 Innovation in the Nordic marine sector

    The aim of this report is to examine innovation instruments and systems that are available in the Nordic Marine Sector; to consider the strength and weakness of the Nordic countries, and to suggest how to enhance innovation and competitiveness of the marine industries through Nordic cooperation. The marine sector in this context is broadly defined, encompassing both primary producers in aquaculture and fisheries, processing industry and support industry delivering technology and services. Innovation is also broadly defined; covering both radical and incremental innovations, commercial, technological, and organisational innovations.
  • 24.02.2009 Nordic collaboration in health services

    A feasibility study on the potentials and barriers towards an open market for health services in the Nordic countries.
  • 15.01.2009 To certify your services

    A study of the certification market in the Northern European service sector.
  • 15.01.2009 Exploiting the potential of Nordic internationalisation of services

    A feasibility study examining the possibilities for Nordic service standardisation initiatives.
  • 01.11.2008 NETS - Nordic Environmental Technology Solutions

    The project “Nordic Environmental Technology Solutions (NETS)” is a Nordic collaboration with partners from Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark that was established to prepare for increased collaboration between companies in the four countries. The project supported commercialization of Nordic environmental technology businesses in five key sectors, in order to form new value chains, build capacity and cooperate in marketing.
  • 30.09.2008 Service Innovation in the Nordic Countries - Key Factors for Policy Design (ServINNo)

    There has been a growing recognition in recent years of the importance of innovation and growth in service sectors. Despite this acknowledgement, our understanding of innovation and, importantly, the design of innovation policy measures, are still primarily based on the analysis of manufacturing firms. There is thus a need for more knowledge about the particularity of innovation activities in services.
  • 07.03.2008 Nordic Technology Transfer Network for Regional Innovation

    A Nordic technology transfer network is attractive to everyone seeking and providing technology, i.e. businesses, technology brokers and science parks.
  • 07.03.2008 Nordiske innovasjonsrepresentasjoner i Asia?

    Globaliseringsutfordringen innebærer blant annet en forandring i retning av en mer åpen, nettverksbasert og internasjonal måte å innrette innovasjonsprosessene på.
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