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Processing for food safety

  • Publisert 23.02.2011
  • Sist oppdatert 20.05.2011
The Nordic Council of Ministers recommends all the Nordic countries to participate actively to solve problems of common interest to ensure safe food of high quality through a sustainable production. All the Nordic countries, and Nordic Industrial Fund, are running research programmes on food, and each programme is worth in the region of 15-30 mill NOK/year.

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However, the food safety aspect of these research programmes continues to be too fragmented, and the funding is both insufficient and sub optimal. A coordinated response towards this challenge will improve co-ordination of the programmes, including better validation of the Food Safety aspects and the level of financial support. 


Since 1994 The Nordic countries have coordinated part of their Food Research Programmes through a Nordic Research Area Net managed by The Nordic Industrial Fund (NI), a model considered to be both successful and reproducible. In June 2002 The Board of NI decided to prepare for the Nordic Research Area Net (NRA-NET) in Processing for Food Safety, using a Nordic Ad hoc Group (NAhG) of Programme Managers and Programme Makers from the five Nordic countries. 


Three meetings and one workshop were organized to establish trust and mutual understanding by focusing on information exchange and strategic activities. Sustained cooperation was prepared through joint activities. In the meetings and the workshop the NAhG used studies and analysis of the national/Nordic research infrastructure, and ongoing national/Nordic programmes to define joint strategic topics, to identify a Nordic Expert Group (NEG) and to define the NRA-NET Programme structure as described in figure 1 (page 5). The NAhG used the NEG to define the scientific and industrial challenges within the selected strategic topics, including new opportunities and gaps in the existing programmes. 


The selection criteria for the joint strategic topics were:

  • National priorities
  • Relevance for the Nordic food industry
  • Ongoing Nordic “world-class” research
  • Potential to be included in Priority 5: Food Quality and Safety of EU’s 6. Framework programme