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Funded joint Nordic events

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  • Publisert 09.01.2018
  • Sist oppdatert 10.01.2018
Funded activities promoting Nordic solutions for sustainable, smart and liveable cities to relevant stakeholders from outside the Nordic region.

These are the joint Nordic activities funded by Nordic Innovation through the Nordic Sustainable Cities project.


The activities will promote Nordic solutions for sustainable, smart and liveable cities to relevant stakeholders from outside the Nordic region. 




Round 4:


Nordic Pavilion ITS World Congress 2019 Singapore

Building upon previous years, a strong Nordic pavilion will yet again be displayed at the ITS World Congress in 2019 with the goal of strengthening the Nordic brand in urban development, build networks between Nordic and international stakeholders as well as boosting export of Nordic products and services. Activities held at the pavilion range from workshops, presentations, meetings and match-making opportunities.


Organisers: ITS Norway (Project Lead), ITS Denmark, ITS Sweden, ITS Finland


Contact person: Jenny Simonsen (ITS Norway) -



Nordic Green – Smart Cities

The four Nordic embassies present in Dublin have come together to arrange a one-day workshop in the spring of 2019 with the aim to establish a forum where Nordic policies and business opportunities within smart city solutions are presented, and long-term partnerships between Irish and Nordic stakeholders are created. This will further build upon the strong “Nordic Green” brand that has been developed in Ireland over the last few years.


Organisers: Royal Norwegian Embassy in Ireland (Project Lead), Embassy of Finland in Ireland, Embassy of Denmark in Ireland, Embassy of Sweden in Ireland


Contact person: Arne Follerås (Royal Norwegian Embassy in Ireland) -



Nordic Smart City Solutions – an offer to India and China

The project aims to strengthen the Nordic brand and network within the field of smart water solutions in India and China. Focusing on several key cities in both countries, Nordic companies will have the opportunity to present their smart water solutions during match-making events, seminars and conferences, with the goal of establishing concrete business opportunities. These sessions will be held in Pune, Mumbai, Goa and Delhi (India) as well as Beijing, Harbin City, Wuhan City and Tianjin City (China).


Organisers: IVL, Swedish Environmental Research Institute (Project Lead), Scania AB, Valmet, Tomra, Shri Ram Institute of Industrial Research, Royal Norwegian Embassy in India, Business Finland/Finnish Embassy in India, Embassy of Iceland in India, Business Sweden/Embassy of Sweden in India, Royal Danish Embassy in India, Ansh Infratech Private Limited


Contact person: Östen Ekengren (IVL, Swedish Environmental Research Institute) -



Smart Water Solutions for Global Goals

The Nordic water and wastewater associations have come together to create a booklet containing concept notes and cases of Nordic smart water solutions and technologies, which is to be presented at the Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW) in November of 2019. Furthermore, seminars and workshops will be arranged where these smart water solutions will be aimed towards global water stakeholders participating at AIWW. The goal is to promote Nordic water solutions which will contribute to meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Organisers: DANVA – Danish Water and Wastewater Association (Project Lead), Norsk Vann, Svenskt Vatten, FIWA – Finnish Water


Contact person: Miriam Feilberg (DANVA) -



Smart Cities Exchange (SCiX) 2019

Smart Cities Exchange is a two-day conference held in Mexico City in March 2019, where representatives of Nordic cities, urban technologies and solutions companies share their experiences, business models, and innovative frameworks around sustainable smart cities with key decision-makers from cities in North America. The conference is an excellent opportunity for Nordic companies wanting to enter or increase their business in the North American market by maximising the Nordic brand and providing access to key stakeholders in the region.


Organisers: Nordiks Global (Project Lead), Mexico-Norway Business Council, Copenhagen Capacity, Business Finland, Embassy of Sweden in Mexico, Embassy of Denmark in Mexico


Contact persons: Richardt E. Fangel and Humberto Olivo (Nordiks Global) - /



Round 3:


Nordic Efficiency

The Nordic Embassies and trade council in Paris will hold a Nordic Efficiency masterclass on the Nordic governance model of ecological transition, district heating and sustainable construction in Bordeaux. This event will provide an ample opportunity for Nordic countries and companies to brand and network with different sectors in the region. A 2nd event will be held later during the year with the aim to establish viable projects in this region between the Nordic and French counterparts.


Organisers: Norwegian Embassy in Paris, Innovation Norway in Paris, Embassy of Denmark in Paris, Business Sweden in Paris, Embassy of Finland in Paris/Team Finland, Embassy of Iceland in Paris


Contact person: Ragna Fidjestøl (Norwegian Embassy in Paris) -



Nordic Pavilion at Ecomondo Exhibition 2018

A joint Nordic pavilion will be showcased at the Ecomondo Exhibition and Conference in Rimini, Italy. The pavilion will help promote a common Nordic philosophy for sustainable, smart and livable cities in order to strengthen the Nordic brand within sustainable urban development. Activities held at the pavilion range from presentations, mini-seminars, match-making as well as networking opportunities.


Organisers: Innovation Norway, Business Sweden, Danish Consulate, Finnish Consulate, Babcock & Wilcox Vølund, Molok Oy


Contact person: Rolf H. Sørland (Innovation Norway) -



Sino Nordic Urban Smart City Development Cooperation

A two-day Sino Nordic conference addressing the Chinese urban development market will be held in Stockholm with participation from key stakeholders from the Nordic countries and China. The aim is to establish long-term collaborations between the Nordic countries in order to promote and export sustainable urban solutions to the Chinese market.


Organisers: Sweden China Trade Council, Nordicflexhouse, Helsinki Business Hub, Healthtech Finland, Norway Healthtech, Norwegian Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Danish Chinese Business Forum


Contact person: Elisabet Söderström (Sweden China Trade Council) -



Nordic Water Solutions for Global Challenges

There will be a joint Nordic effort to promote Nordic solutions and boost export of water technologies at the 2018 IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan. Activities held in the Nordic exhibition area range from presentations, seminars and other networking opportunities. This will strengthen the Nordic brand towards the global water sector as well as strengthening Nordic collaborations. The long-term aim is to demonstrate a strong Nordic presence at this event in order to set the stage for the 2020 IWA Congress held in Copenhagen.


Organisers: The Danish National Committee for IWA/Danish Water and Waste Water Association (DANVA), The Swedish National Committee for IWA, The Norwegian National Committee for IWA/Norsk Vann, SAMORKA


Contact person: Anders Bækgaard (The Danish National Committee for IWA/Danish Water and Waste Water Association (DANVA)) -



Implementation of Circular Economy Solutions for Promoting Smart City Environment Using Healthcare as a Platform 

A two-day conference and informal gathering sessions addressing circular economy in healthcare and urban settings will be held in Israel in order to expose key Israeli stakeholders to Nordic circular solutions. The aim is to establish Nordic-Israeli collaboration and research on the resource connection between urban environments and city hospitals.


Organisers: TEM at Lund University / Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare, Upgraded, Embassy of Sweden in Tel Aviv, Embassy of Finland in Tel Aviv, Embassy of Denmark in Tel Aviv, AICEE


Contact person: Daniel Eriksson (TEM at Lund University / Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare) -



ITS World Congress 2018

The City of Copenhagen will be hosting the 25th ITS World Congress in 2018 which focuses on how ITS solutions can contribute towards livability, greener environment and higher quality of life. A joint Nordic pavilion will be fronted during this congress in order to showcase and promote Nordic ITS solutions to a global audience with the ultimate aim of strengthening Nordic collaboration and to establish long-term international connections and partnerships.


Organisers: City of Copenhagen, ITS Sweden, ITS Norway, ITS Finland


Contact person: Ulla Payreen Lüders (City of Copenhagen) -



Round 2:


The Nordics at Smart City World Expo in Barcelona 2018

A joint Nordic pavilion will be set up at the Smart City World Expo in Barcelona to strengthen the Nordic brand and serve as cost effective entrance to the expo for Nordic companies. Furthermore, the pavilion will be used for hosting international visitors, networking activities, workshops and matchmaking.


Organisers: Innovation Norway, Cleantech Scandinavia, CLEAN, Business Finland


Contact person: Grethe Bergsland (Innovation Norway)



Nordic Waste to Energy Solutions - an offer to India and China

The project will result in establishing an information and branding platform for Nordic waste to energy solutions, followed by matchmaking events and a pre-study. There will be presentations and a seminar in Copenhagen and Stockholm, in addition to matchmaking sessions and pre-studies in Mumbai and Pune (India) and in Beijing, Harbin, and Wuhan (China).


Organisers: IVL, Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Scania AB, Valmet, Vølund Varmeteknik A/S, Shri Ram Institute of Industrial Research


Contact person: Östen Ekengren (IVL)



The Future of Hamilton: Nordic Inspiration & Innovation for Affordable & Sustainable Housing

A workshop (Urban Lab) will be held in May 2018 in Hamilton, Canada, with participants from a Nordic delegation, officials from the City of Hamilton, relevant Canadian public organisations and private companies. Open innovation challenges on affordable and sustainable housing will also be set up.


Organisers: Climate KIC / Nordic, Quercus Group, Solved – The Clean Tech Company Ltd, Global Utmaning & IFHP, Royal Consulate Generals of Sweden and Denmark, City of Hamilton.


Contact person: Peter Normann Vangsbo (Climate KIC/ Nordic)




Round 1: 


Nordic Edge China 

Chinese version of the Nordic Edge Expo conference in Stavanger, Norway. The Chinese event will serve as bridge between the Nordic region and China on smart cities, and will be held in January 2019.


Organisers: Nordic Edge, NTNU, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Demos Helsinki, Bright Planet


Contact person: Herbjørn Tjeltveit,



Open Innovation Days (OID): Smart City Challenges for 100 Smart Cities program in India

Successful event concept from the Nordic region applied to five cities in India. The concept involves matching solution providers and customers, and will be held in spring 2018.


Organisers: Climate KIC, Quercus Group ApS, National Institute of Urban Affairs, NAVIGO, Business Region Gothenburg, Indian Smart City Network


Contact person: Peter Vangsbo,



Sustainable Urban Solutions  Partner with the Nordics

Business-focused side event for the Clean Energy Ministerial & Mission Innovation in Copenhagen, May 2018.


Organisers: CLEAN, Innovasion Norge, Tillväxtverket, Finpro, Promote Iceland, Cleantech Scandinavia, Climate-KIC Nordic


Contact person: Michael Johansen,



Joint Nordic Pavilion at IE Expo 2018

A joint pavilion at the leading Chinese exposition for clean tech, the IE Expo in July 2018.


Organisers: The Trade Council of Denmark, Finpro, Innovation Norway


Contact person: Yike Qin,



Nordic Urban Mobility Innovation

The Nordic Urban Mobility Innovation (NUMI) project will showcase how Nordic cities and startups are developing new urban mobility solutions to reduce car traffic. The project is an alliance between several small and innovative Nordic startups.


Organisers: CityTrike, Clean Motion AB, Tuup Oy Ltd, Velove, Ewii Mobility, Electric Mobility Network


Contact person: Morten Rynning,



India Urban Lab

A workshop or urban lab that brings together Nordic companies and experts with city officials, relevant companies and organisations in Panaji, a city in the Indian state of Goa. Panaji is part of the 100 Smart Cities program in India. The urban lab will be held in February 2018.


Organisers: Global Utmaning, Suomi-Finland Housing and Planning Association, The Royal Danish Embassy in India, Integrated Design Bangalore, The City of Panaji, International Federation for Housing and Planning (IFHP).


Contact person: Ditte Amskov,

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Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges

Nordic Sustainable Cities is one of six flagship projects under the Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges initiative, which is coordinated by the Nordic Council of Ministers.


Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges is an initiative by the prime ministers of the most integrated region in the world. The Nordic region promotes sustainability and progress toward the UN Sustainability Goals, sharing knowledge of three themes: Nordic Green, Nordic Gender Effect and Nordic Food & Welfare.

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